Back from my second summer at SFAI

Inscription 2: charcoal, ash, mud, graphite on trace paper

I’m back in Chico, fresh from the San Francisco Art Institute!   Summers at the Ft. Mason, SF, campus are exciting, rigorous, mind bending, and the most social feature of SFAI’s low residency MFA program.  Its when the entire cohort is present, creating and exhibiting art and taking coursework that inspires and informs our practices.  This summer marked the beginning of my second year in this transformative program.  In eight short weeks, so much has been packed into my brain. 

I love SFAI; I feel euphoric when I walk into the campus.  Its not just the place, a light-filled and award winning remodeled historic military warehouse which sits on the edge of the SF bay.   Its everything: brilliant instructors, my stunningly talented fellow students, course material, the emphasis on developing and deepening concept, and the supportive community of people who really want to help students create their best art. 

The low-res program allows me to continue running my business, Eve’s Garden Design, and care for my son while getting an MFA.  After summers on campus, students work in the fall and spring semesters off campus with a mentor to make a ton of art.  Last year, I was honored to work with sculptor Jann Nunn.  Her thoughtful insights, technical abilities, and support challenged me to think big and deep.  I could not have had a better mentor; thank you Jann!

It’s a three year program; I’ll graduate in May, 2021.  This year, I’ll continue to work on issues related to the Camp Fire, looking at the empty spaces this disaster created under the mentor-ship of  artist Leonie Guyer.   I’m so excited!

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