Native CA Trees

Native California Trees

As a landscape architect used to selecting trees for their ability to “behave” in a given constructed setting, I am awed by the capacity of California’s native trees to define and thrive in their distinct ecosystems.  Many species have growing requirements so specific that they occur naturally only within California. 

My current work explores the wonder and perils of niche evolution.  I use native California trees to symbolize the collective reality of all known life: our existence depends on single, fragile habitat, planet Earth.



Paintings within this series that are sold framed feature handmade one-of-a-kind frames that I paint and adorn using bark, leaves, cones, seeds and other natural items gleaned from beneath the subject tree.

Cast Paper

Cotton linters cast from molds taken from fallen Valley Oaks (Quercus lobata), acorns, tannin dye, smoke, galvanized steel mesh

Works on Paper

Charcoal, graphite, ash, and mud on paper


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