Carbon Series: Camp Fire

Carbon Series: Camp Fire

The erasure of my childhood home town by the anthropogenic 2018 Camp Fire laid bare the effects of complex interactions between the environment and dark aspects of human nature.  My most recent work responds to the layered toll of this conflagration.

Using natural and man-made materials collected from within the burn area, I create installations to convey the fragility exposed when fine natural balances are disrupted, challenging the rationality of proceeding as if we can infinitely exploit our finite planet.  


Inscription Series

Installation pieces, approximately 12′ x 10,’ graphite, charcoal, ash, and mud on trace paper suspended with electrical clips, filament, aluminum wire, and galvanized steel pipes.


In Defensible Space

Installation, 29″ x 44,” burnt rifles and chaparral branches


Interrupted Cedar

8′ x 9’6″ Graphite, charcoal, ash, and mud on trace paper


Mineral Artifact Series

Boulder fragments, mud, ash   


Phase 2 Cleanup Complete

Mud and ash


Works on Paper

Charcoal, ash, graphite, mud on gridded various papers